OG - Afro-Soul Concert

Feb 19 2020
Date: Feb 19 | 12:00pm
Category: Concert

OG will be performing as part of UNIQUE Programs’ Wednesday Nooner series on Wednesday, February 19th, at 12pm in the University Union Redwood Room. OG is a very enthusiastic artist that cares a lot about the rhythm and soul of his music. According to OG, his music is “a marriage of R&B and Afrobeat; the roots. Those are the two genres that brought me up. It is a sweet and very melodic sound.” “The Roots,” as OG depicts his genre, are a classic way of describing the connection and expression between R&B and Afrobeat music. OG places a 21st century taste into this classic, depth-full genre. OG is a local Sacramento artist. Striving to bring those “sweet” and “melodic” rhythms and vibes to bigger crowds and audiences, Sacramento State is proud and excited to host him.

For further information, please visit https://theuniversityunion.com/unique/event/dele-og