HUB ORIGINAL: Fandemic Comic Con Features Incredible Artists

HUB ORIGINAL: Fandemic Comic Con Features Incredible Artists

By Michael P Coleman

I could go on about the fascinating panel discussions that are a part of this year’s Fandemic Comic Con, at the Sacramento Convention Center through Sunday.  I could also go on about the treasures to be found at the retail booths, but I’d rather not think about those until I have to (when the credit card statements come). 

Yesterday, I spent some time with many of the artists who are showcasing their work at the convention.  There’s a real wealth of talent there, and items that can be purchased at a variety of price points. 

One of them, cartoonist / illustrator zeeceeart.storenvy.com, has created some striking images of a variety of pop culture and celebrity subjects.  He’s created a piece that was inspired by the 1978 feature The Wiz, featuring Michael Jackson as the Scarecrow, that I think I’ll pick up tomorrow before the event ends.  It’ll look great hanging in our den.

Another artist, geekzNdreamz.com, has custom lamps for sale, made from a variety of pop culture figures and props.  I need the Black Panther one and the Superman one, and my eldest would die for the one based on Disney’s The Little Mermaid.  But my birthday is right around the corner, so I come first. 

Hope to run into you in downtown Sacramento this weekend! 

Fandemic Comic Con runs through Sunday, June 24th at 5pm.  Details are at fandemictour.com

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