HUB REVIEW: Mamma Mia! At The Wells Fargo Pavilion

HUB REVIEW:  Mamma Mia! At The Wells Fargo Pavilion

By Michael P Coleman

If you’re an Abba fan, you’ll love Broadway At Music Circus’ production of Mamma Mia!, which opened last night to a packed house of people who, literally, sang and danced the night away.

I was not among them as I walked in.  In fact, I was skeptical about how much I’d enjoy the jukebox musical featuring the Swedish sensation’s songs.  Other than “Dancing Queen” and “Take A Chance On Me,” I didn’t know any of them…and I couldn’t have told you the latter song was an Abba hit. 

That was walking in.  Walking out, I was among the biggest dancing queens of them all.

mammamia 300Over the years, millions of fans of the musical comedy have joined us in the aisles, and the musical has launched two feature films.  The plot involves a 20-year-old who, on the eve of her nuptials, welcomes three men from her mother’s past to her wedding, as she’s convinced that one of them is her father.  Mamma Mia! features more than 20 hit Abba songs, including “The Name Of The Game,” “The Winner Takes It All,” and the aforementioned. 

The latter song was one of the show’s highlights, brilliantly performed by Michelle Dawson in her Broadway At Music Circus debut.  Dawson was so good that her performances highlighted my only criticism of the show:  the background vocals, on some of the songs, distracted from the lead vocals.  Broadway At Music Circus’ tech folks could turn the backing vocals down a notch or two and allow the leads to shine. 

Another highlight of the night was April Nixon as “Tonya,” a vocal and comedic force of nature, and Jodi Kimura as “Rosie” brought the house down on “Take A Chance On Me.”  Both are also making their Broadway At Music Circus debuts. 

And you won’t get this reference until you see the show, but while most theatre goers wanted salt on their popcorn, I wanted a little “Pepper” on mine.  Marcus Shane.  Wow.  He was last at Broadway At Music Circus in 2011, in Miss Saigon.  This writer hopes he’ll be back, and wouldn’t mind if he were free for a cup of coffee. 

Tickets for Mamma Mia!, which runs through Sunday, August 12 are scarce, and after last night I can see why!  Catch the FABULOUS show if you can. 

“Fabulous.”  See!  I AM a “dancing queen!”

Tickets for Mamma Mia! start at $45, and availability is extremely limited due to high demand.  For best availability call or visit the Wells Fargo Pavilion Box Office, 1419 H Street in Sacramento, (916) 557-1999.  Tickets may also be available online at tickets.com.  For more information, visit BroadwaySacramento.com.

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