Disney’s Upcoming “Live Action” The Lion King & The Little Mermaid

Disney’s Upcoming “Live Action” The Lion King & The Little Mermaid

by Michael P Coleman

Disney’s live action reboot of this classic hits theaters this weekend, 25 years after the animated classic’s debut.  To be completely accurate, they’re now calling it “photo realistic,” as to call the movie “live action” implies that lions, warthogs, and meerkats know how to sing and dance.  

I’m thrilled that Disney has cast African Americans in more of the lead roles in this new version,  replacing the white actors from the 1994 original.   But honestly, for all that some say Beyoncé is on stage, she struggles as an actress, so I wonder whether she can deliver a compelling voice over.  She rarely even does that on record, and even when accompanied by Donald Glover, I really didn’t need to hear her on Elton John’s maudlin “Can You Feel The Love Tonight.”  

In case you’re wondering, the answer to that song’s question, after listening to the new version online, is a decided “Nope.”  I not only didn’t feel the love — I didn’t feel a thing.  In fact, that pseudo vibrato of Bey’s is maddening on the track.  

I think even Disney realized they were in over their mouse ears trying to come up with a new voice cast to compete with the original.  Otherwise, they’d never have hired the venerable James Earl Jones, the original “Mufasa,” to reprise his role in the new film.   C’mon now — who else could do it?  And I know I’m going to miss Whoopi Goldberg along with Cheech and Chong as the trio of hyenas.  

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