COVID-19 Testing Sites in Sacramento Region

COVID-19 Testing Sites in Sacramento Region

by Chief Editor, Pleshette Robertson

There are several COVID-19 testing sites now in the Sacramento Region. I actually had the opportunity last week to take a tour (05.15.2020) of one of the new COVID-19 testing sites along with other community members and watch a demo of the test being offered done at St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church in Oak Park - Sacramento (click here to see the video).  There will be limited number of testing appointments available on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9 am to 3 pm (download the information sheet with details and location).

Several other testing sites include: 

Some questions were noted on Facebook by Derrell Roberts, Founder of the Roberts Family Development Center after meeting with and speaking to Dr. Peter Bielenson, Director Sacramento County Department of Health Services and Dr. Olivia Kasirye, Sacramento County Public Health Officer.

1. Do we have to register with your name at COVID-19 testing sites?
They are asking you to pre-register using your name and birthdate to make it easier when you show up to be tested. No information is shared with any entity but the County Public Health Office.

2. Who are the test results sent to?
To you and the County Public Health office only!

3. Will my test results be available to government or other parties beyond my doctor and Hippa law?
Strict HIPPA guidelines apply. No sharing of info allowed.

4. If I test positive will that effect my current or future health insurance.
Not at all. No more than testing positive for the flu would.

5. Will testing data be used to add boundaries where higher cost will be imposed like they did with car insurance in high poverty areas.
No, it will have no bearing on Insurance rates.

There are no costs for testing at these sites noted above, however there may be other eligibility requirements (e.g.- must live in the designated area, etc.)

CLICK HERE to see more information from Sacramento County Public Health Department as they are encouraging testing.

Starting Friday, May 21st, CVS Health will be offering up to 50 tests a day for COVID-19 at drive-thru windows in two of its capital region pharmacies, at 8101 Greenback Lane in Fair Oaks and at 1350 Florin Road in Sacramento. CLICK HERE to get more info.