State launches “Vote Safe California” campaign

State launches “Vote Safe California” campaign

No, that email you got yesterday from the Secretary of State wasn’t spam...

With less than 100 days to go before Election Day, California’s top election official Alex Padilla sent a message to millions of registered voters asking them “to double-check their voter registration” — and soon enough #VoteCalifornia was trending on Twitter.

What’s the rush? To keep the November election as socially distanced as possible, California counties will be sending mail-in ballots to all registered voters. Those ballots go out in early October, but counties begin cobbling together their lists a month earlier.

  • Sam Mahood, Padilla’s press secretary: “To make that as effective as possible we need to make sure everyone has an up-to-date voter registration… Do not wait. Prepare now.”

Counties have rejected 1.7% of vote-by-mail ballots since 2010, primarily because they were sent in late, didn’t include a signature or the signature didn’t match, according to preliminary findings released Monday from a study conducted by the California Voter Foundation and USC’s Center for Inclusive Democracy.