Kim Bailey

KIM BAILEY, News Reporter

Kimberly. Bailey is a wife, mother, grandmother, and proud Hampton University college parent. Family is her passion, and she enjoys every gathering, full of love, laughter and great memories. A member of Destiny Church, Kimberly serves as the “Ladies Night Destiny” Fellowship Leader and in other capacities, including community outreach and mentoring. Kimberly earned her Associate Degree in Graphic Communication at SCC, and worked for the state of California, leaving to pursue her goal of entrepreneurship, and dream of creating a greeting card line and writing a book. She has been a Staff Writer for Sac Cultural Hub since 2003.

Keadrian Belcher-Harris


Keadrian is the founder of the first social organization for ladies 7-18, C.L.A.S.S.Y.-Captivating Ladies cquiring Succerssful Standards which is an organization that strives to improve the self-esteem of ladies by way of community involvement & educational workshops. Keadrian has been a staff member of the Media Company since 2004. She is also noteworthy for her fundraising efforts, advocacy to Strides against Breast Cancer, WEAVE and a host of local youth advocacy efforts. Keadrian has a ten year background as a Programming Systems Analyst and a three year background with Fortune 500 Company, VSP.


Keadrian Belcher-Harris

ELIKA BERNARD, Investigative & Community News Reporter

Elika  is a mother of one and friend to many. She was the assistant editor for the William Jessup University "Inquarry" Newspaper. There she received her B.A. in English with an emphasis in journalism. After college she was trained to be a future news director in the Columbia Broadcasting Network News Apprenticeship program. Later on she branched out and is now the President of Visual, Performing Arts,and Media Inc.(V.P.A.M. Inc.) which she founded in 2013. Elika has joined the Sac Hub Media Team as our Investigative & Community News Reporter.

Stephanie Nalls

Stephanie Cherry Nalls, News Reporter

Stephanie Cherry Nalls is a young California native, from Sacramento to be exact. Growing up in "South Sac" was definitely a difficult challenge but Stephanie always new she was different. At the of 13, Stephanie began modeling at fashion shows & working community events. After turning 18 years old, Stephanie wasted no time traveling across the U.S. Living in Los Angeles, Miami, & Atlanta. While living in Miami she worked as a fashion stylist & makeup artists. In 2014 she then decided to move back to Los Angeles to further her fashion career. She serves as part time fashion/event blogger for THE HUB Magazine. 

Pleshette Robertson


Pleshette holds a B.A. in Business Administration from San Jose State University. She is a single parent of 3 beautiful daughters and is the owner of PR & Associates Business Resources which is an advertisement and promotions agency specializing in providing e-mail/e-blast marketing campaigns, website production and consultation to new business and start-up organizations. Pleshette received the 2009-2010 Business Award in November 2009 from the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Sacramento Chapter. Pleshette also received the “Women of Excellence” in March 2008 from the Sacramento Kappa Psi Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Pleshette was featured in the August 2007 issue on her personal style and noteworthy achievements in the Sacramento Magazine.

Keyah N. Brown

KEYAH N. BROWN, News Reporter

Keyah Natae Brown, a native of Sacramento is studying Communications. She will be returning to Tuskegee University in the Fall of 2018 to complete her last semester and will earn her B.A. in Mass Communications. She helps empower her community through philanthropic service. Keyah currently runs a bi-monthly podcast called The Melanin Room. She shares valuable information, advice, and tools with the Melanated community about issues & achievements in the greater Sacramento area and all over the nation, from a millennial perspective. She hopes to one day soon own a radio station in Sacramento to help uplift her generation & community. Keyah also interns for a non-profit organization in Sacramento called Water for Women, Inc. – Empowering Women Through Giving and Growing! She loves her people and loves her city, and is thrilled to be a small yet powerful voice in Sacramento!



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