impssible whopper 700

by Michael P Coleman

Burger King locations nationwide launched the fast food chain’s new plant-based Impossible Whopper today. I stopped in this afternoon for lunch so I could let you know how it is.

The last time I walked into a Burger King lobby that was that crowded was…

never. If that lobby’s any indication of what’s to come, Ronald McDonald is in DEEP trouble.

To be fair, I hadn’t been in a Burger King lobby in over seven years. I got a little healthier, lately, largely by avoiding restaurants with drive-thru windows. But the lure of the new lower fat, MUCH lower cholesterol Impossible Whopper drew me in.

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HUB Preview: The Wiz At Sacramento’s Wells Fargo Pavilion Aug 6-11

By Michael P Coleman

When Universal Pictures released a big budget adaption of Broadway’s Tony Award-winning musical The Wiz in 1978, then 34-year-old superstar Diana Ross took a lot of flack for playing a 24-year-old Dorothy.

Over four decades later, 30 year old musical theatre phenom Adrianna Hicks has no problem playing a 15 year old Dorothy in Broadway At Music Circus’ production of the play, opening Tuesday, August 6 at the Wells Fargo Pavilion in Sacramento and running through August 11.

And astonishingly, Hicks feels no pressure to fill Ross’ silver slippers. 

“Nobody is able to do what those legendary women did,” Hicks EXCLUSIVELY told me, of the challenge of following Ross and Stephanie Mills, who originated the role on Broadway.  “I have to do justice to this wonderful girl’s story.  Dorothy is growing up, and trying to understand what living is about — and trying to figure herself out.” 

"So the challenge isn’t filling Ross’ shoes or Mills’ shoes.  It’s doing justice to Dorothy and filling her shoes.”

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By Michael P Coleman

Whitney Houston fans got a surprise late last week when her estate released a cover of Steve Winwood’s & Chaka Khan’s “Higher Love,” featuring a new production bed by Norwegian DJ and producer Kygo.

That surprise was 30 years in the making. 

New Whitney Houston SingleThe new single’s original, transcendent vocal was recorded with legendary producer and longtime Houston collaborator Narada Michael Walden in 1989, as the pair was working on songs for what was to be Houston’s third album, I’m Your Baby Tonight. Walden had worked with Houston since her debut album’s “How Will I Know” and had produced several hits for the singer by that time, including “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me),” “So Emotional,” “Where Do Broken Hearts Go,” and “One Moment In Time.”

During our EXCLUSIVE conversation just after the new single’s release, Walden said he couldn’t be happier about Houston’s fans finally getting to experience the thrill he enjoyed when they recorded the song. 

“I always knew in my heart and mind that one day ‘Higher Love’ would resurface, because she sang it so great,” Walden enthused.  “Whitney and I were very close. We’d discuss music all of the time, we both loved ‘Higher Love,’ and we had a fun time discussing what we could do with it. So I decided to surprise her by cutting the track at my studio in San Rafael, with a full choir.” 

“When I played it for Whitney, she got so thrilled and excited,” Walden continued.  “She just sang like crazy! And the ending was super long. It just kept going and going and going, ‘cause she had so much spirit about it.” 

“When she heard the choir come in, she went to a whole new gear, man! That’s when it really exploded!  We were all elated in the studio. I’ll never forget it!”

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My purpose as a mentor is to focus not just on academics, but also on emotional support. I have a deep respect for the youth I mentor, and in return, they respect me. For most of the youth I work with, I am the only man they trust to open up to about their emotions, and it makes a difference.

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President Donald Trump wants NASA to go to Mars, but his Treasury secretary can't figure out how to put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill?

We recently learned that the planned Harriet Tubman currency — which was slated to replace the $20 Andrew Jackson bill in time for the 2020 centennial of the 19th Amendment — can't be rolled out until 2028. This, even though the engraving plate for it was completed "as recently as May 2018" a Treasury Department employee told the New York Times. The employee also said the design "appeared to be far along in the process," according to the Times. Apparently so — as we all saw a picture of it leaked to the press.

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It took every fiber of my being to keep from going into the ugly cry as Vanzant and I chatted, hours before the tour’s Phoenix kick off.  During our talk, the legend reminded me that quite a lot has changed since Act Of Faith’s initial publication. 

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Aretha Franklin’s Amazing Grace (2019) - A Film Review

Photo Credit Amazing Grace LLC

By Michael P Coleman

Just a few minutes into the phenomenal new documentary Amazing Grace, I put my near-full bag of popcorn down. 

Grandma Coleman always admonished me about eating in church. 

There could be no greater swan song by the legendary Aretha Franklin than this energizing film.  Recorded almost 50 years ago, Franklin’s double album of the same title is her greatest artistic accomplishment.  Technical glitches kept the movie from being released decades ago, but with those problems solved, the world gets to see the step-by-step recording of the landmark project.

When a singer can reduce gospel legends like the Rev James Cleveland, with whom Franklin recorded Amazing Grace, and Clara Ward to tears, you know she’s singing.  Franklin had a similar effect on The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger, who can be seen throughout the film clapping, singing, swaying, and caught up in Franklin’s rapturous performance, as was everyone else who was lucky enough — who was blessed enough —to have been at the New Temple Missionary Baptist Church. 

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