The step son of of Bishop Yardley Griffin was killed Monday, 12/20/10 in South Sacramento. He was only 20 years old. Please pray for their entire family. They are also in need of assistance for expenses of the funeral services. You may send monetary donations to the Antonne Ray Nelms Memorial account at Bank of America. For more information please contact Vanessa Griffin, 916-529-3286 as soon as possible.

I, Pleshette Robertson, am so saddened by continued reports of our young Black men dying in the streets as I have young brothers who are the sons of my mother and grandsons of their grandparents. When and how can we stop the senseless killings and violence in our streets! My heart goes out to the mother and family members of Antonne Ray Nelms. Let us pray everyone for the goodness and mercy of those who we are BLESSED with in our lifetime. It just tore me up inside to learn about how this young man, Antonne Ray Nelms, who was found dead by the church on Mack Road in South Sacramento. I live just up the street off Mack Road and Franklin. Lord-Jesus, we need you to rain down on changing the hearts and minds of these individuals who are involved in and responsible for these horribles acts of senseless killings and violence…NO MORE!!! To learn more about what happened >>read more


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