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Miss Issane’ Anderson sishes on what keeps her motivated and focused! Teenage girls, with those two words an explosion of thoughts cross our minds.  Often many parents exhaust their mind with ways to keep their teenage daughter from all the many challenges that young girls face in 2010.  According to USA Today, pregnancy and abortion are both on the rise with teenage girls. A study from reflects devastating challenges that young women are succumbing to ranging from image to violence.

I had the opportunity to speak with an insightful young girl by the name of Issane’ Anderson who is a track and field sensation at Sam Brannan Middle School in Sacramento.  Though Issane’ is swift on the field, she offers insights on how to combat the challenges that young ladies like herself endure.  See more photos of Issane’ Anderson on the Sac Cultural Hub Fan Page at

Sac Hub: What can you tell the soon to be seventh grade girls that will be entering into their first year of Junior Year?
Anderson: I will tell the 7th graders not to get lazy when it comes to school work because your grades and how you participate is the number one thing to focus on.

Sac Hub:  In Junior High what are some of the challenges that come up with girls?
Anderson: With other female students and a lot of hating going on.

Sac Hub: How do girls deal with challenges in a bad way?
Anderson: By talking back to the other female and starting an unnecessary argument.

Sac Hub:  Tell me how do girls deal with challenges in a good way?
Anderson: By just ignoring the little comments people say about them. They will also just be confident in their self.

Sac Hub: Who supports you and encourages you when you don’t want to do well?
Anderson: My family supports me and tells me, “never to give up, the best thing to do is try”.

Sac Hub: What type of things have you learned from your family?
Anderson: That family will always be there no matter what and they will support you with anything you do.

Sac Hub: What inspired you to get involved with running?
Anderson: I just wanted to try something new. In the end I really did enjoy it and was glad I tried.

Sac Hub:  Is running hard? Do you like running out of breath (laughing)?
Anderson: In the beginning yes running is hard. I do not like to run out of breath so I pace myself to run at a speed that keeps me breathing.

Sac Hub: What do you tell yourself when you’re running to make you run faster?
Anderson: To push harder and not to give up even if I don’t place where  I want, at least I tried my best.

Sac Hub: What do you like most about being on the Track & Field Team?
Anderson: I enjoy competing against other schools. I also like to cheer my teammates on while there in a race.

Sac Hub: What else do you enjoy doing?
Anderson: Besides track and field I enjoy hanging out with my friends and shopping.

Sac Hub: How important is education to you and why?
Anderson: To me education is the most important thing in life. I say that because without a education you will be nothing and in life I think everybody should at least try.

Sac Hub: If you could thank one person for inspiring you, who would it be and why?
Anderson: I can say my mother. She’s been here for me since day one and without her support and knowledge I don’t think I would have been able to make it this far.
Supporting your teenage daughter can go far, while girls desire to do a variety of things support and encouragement can only guide them in the right direction…Let’s continue empowering our young women to achieve greatness.  Kudos to Issane’ Keep up the great work!


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