Peaceful Protest re: Lack of Black & Minority Contractor Participation on Levi’s Stadium

Black Expo


Peaceful Protest Over Lack of Black & Minority Contractor Participation on Levi’s Stadium

Black Expo

Peaceful Protest Over Lack of Black & Minority Contractor Participation on Levi’s Stadium. Taking place on Sun-9/8 from 10 AM to 3 PM at Gilman Park, directly across from Candlestick Park. Join us in a peaceful protect of the discriminatory practices employed and/or approved by the City of Santa Clara, the Santa Clara Stadium Authority, Turn/Devcon Construction Contractors, the San Francisco 49ers, and supported by Levi Strauss.  CLICK HERE to download more info or visit

Free food, free health screening and information. Buses provided.

No other stadium project and no other joint powers authority will be able to take advantage of process authorized for Levi’s Stadium. The special legislation authorized:

1. Sole-source of $1.3 billion design-build contract to Turner Construction/Devcon contrary to public contracting requirements

2. Subcontracting process that authorized Turner/Devcon to develop a prequalified list of subcontractors that did not require notice to all interested contractors, counter to public contracting requirements. Uncovered was a process reminiscent of a proverbial “good old boys” network that circulated information about the project and prequalification to an inner circle of subcontractors already known by Turner/Devcon.

3. Stadium Authority and Santa Clara justified process by publicly claiming that they needed “qualified contractors who could get the job done.”

4. Turner/Devcon justified subcontractor process by claiming that MBE participation was “not on their radar.”

5. As a result, communities of color have been precluded from the enormous financial benefit of participating in the project and the pride associated with contributing to building an edifice for a home team that has much love and support in the communities contractors of color represent

6. Approximately 98% of all subcontracts awarded to large and small majority firms

7. Subcontractors of color have also been excluded from all post-construction concession and stadium maintenance and operation opportunities

We want Black and other minority contractors to receive as much work from that which remains to be completed as they can perform without impacting the price or integrity of the project

We want Black and other minority businesses to be fairly considered for all concession and post-construction stadium management and operation opportunities

For more information contact Everett Glenn (NSA) at or Barry Dow (SFAACC) at 415-571-1538.

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