One in five high school students and one in eight middle school students crosses the street while distracted, according to a new research report recently released by Safe Kids Worldwide.

The report presents an observational study that recorded more than 34,000 middle and high school students crossing the street in a school zone. The study looked at whether teens crossing the street were distracted, and if so, what devices they are using.

According to the research, 39 percent of the students crossing the street while distracted are typing on a cell phone, 39 percent are listening to headphones, 20 percent are talking on a phone or using another electronic device, and 2 percent are using a tablet or game.

The study was developed to explore findings from a 2012 Safe Kids report that found pedestrian injuries among 16-19 year olds increased 25 percent over the previous five years. Teens now account for half of all pedestrian deaths among children 19 and under.

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