‘A moment that feels all too sickeningly familiar’
Photo courtesy MichiganAdvance.com

‘A moment that feels all too sickeningly familiar’

From Michigan Advance:
“After the Grand Rapids Police Department (GRPD) released Wednesday several videos showing an unnamed officer fatally shooting Patrick Lyoya, a 26-year-old Black immigrant, on April 4, state leaders and activists have shared their condolences and calls for change.

‘Patrick Lyoya immigrated to the United States from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to pursue the American Dream and provide a better and safer life for himself and his family. Instead, what found him was a fatal bullet to the back of the head, delivered by an officer of the Grand Rapids Police Department,’ said national Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump, who was the attorney for the families of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and is now working with the Lyoya family.

‘The video clearly shows that this was an unnecessary, excessive and fatal use of force against an unarmed Black man who was confused by the encounter and terrified for his life,’ Crump said in a statement Wednesday. ‘It should be noted that Patrick never used violence against this officer even though the officer used violence against him in several instances for what was a misdemeanor traffic stop. We demand that the officer who killed Patrick not only be terminated for his use of excessive and fatal force, but be arrested and prosecuted for the violent killing of Patrick Lyoya.’

Read the full article in the Michigan Advance: https://michiganadvance.com/2022/04/14/a-moment-that-feels-all-too-sickeningly-familiar/


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