As reported by CNN (1/7/14), eccentric basketball star Dennis Rodman Tuesday defended his controversial visit to North Korea with a team of former NBA players, saying it was a “great idea for the world.”

In an exclusive interview with Chris Cuomo of CNN’s “New Day,” Rodman reacted angrily when pressed on whether the party should have traveled there given recent events in the secretive country.

The trip takes place just weeks after North Korea shocked the world by announcing the purge and execution of Kim’s once-powerful uncle. There are also concerns for the welfare of U.S. citizen Kenneth Bae, who’s been detained for more than a year for unknown crimes.

The other former NBA players are due to take part in a controversial basketball game on the birthday of Kim Jong Un, the country’s young, unpredictable leader. The friendly contest is planned for Wednesday, when Kim is believed to turn 31.

Apparently referring to Kim, Rodman said, “I love my friend. This is my friend.” He also pointed out that Kim is only 31 years old.

Rodman praised the players who came with him to North Korea, saying others had pulled out of the trip. “It’s amazing how we thrive on negativity,” he said.

The trip to North Korea will help open doors to the rest of the world, Rodman said.

“It’s all about the game, people love to do one thing,” he said. “This is what we are trying to do.” Read more.


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