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Ann Curry has “no regrets” when it comes to the way she handled her time at the “Today” show.

During an interview with Elle Thursday, the journalist, 63, opened up about whether she thought her decision to inform NBC executives about her former co-anchor Matt Lauer’s behavior led to her unceremonious departure from the show in 2012.

“I still don’t really understand it. If I had known what was happening in the back rooms of power, then I would know. I obviously was not in those rooms… I think that many people have guessed why (I was replaced), but I’ve held myself back. I’ve asked people why, and I haven’t gotten a good answer.”

She continued, “I have no regrets about how I’ve behaved. And I’m very proud, in spite of everything, of all the work I was able to achieve. I don’t really think about it very often; I really don’t. But when I do, it does hurt still, because it takes time to heal. But what I’ve learned is that you rise stronger.”

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