Spoiler alert: Portion Control!

By Michael P Coleman

Everyone knows about the Freshman 15: the few extra pounds that many young people put on after they leave home, get to college, and are exposed to unlimited snack / comfort foods and unsupervised drinking.

The key to dodging that is to consume those snacks and drinks in small doses to avoid that waistband from getting too snug or, far worse still, the onset of chronic health problems. I figured that out over the course of several decades, as my own waistband expanded from 29 inches to one that topped 40 inches.

As our young ones head off to school (or off to their laptops) this fall, I’d like to talk about another ingestant that we all need to consume in very small doses: Donald J. Trump.

The man is like a nearly walking, almost talking, Little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll — except I love the taste of those. But for my overall health, I take them in VERY infrequently.

If you don’t limit your exposure to Trump and his bile, you’ll wind up deep in what I call the Trump Slump: that funky feeling, that low-key rage, that most of us feel just watching Trump’s comb-over blowing in the wind, as he struggles to match a couple of errant nouns with a couple of random verbs.

Just this past week, I realized what a clean break from Trump, or at least limiting exposure to him, could do for my mental and emotional health.

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