Photo by L. Cohen
Photo by L. Cohen

Last night Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds kept his word and hosted a celebration the 25th anniversary of Waiting to Exhale’s soundtrack, which he wrote and produced. Originally scheduled as a virtual treat for Mother’s Day, the moment was postponed after news of Andre Harrell’s untimely passing. In the early aughts, Edmonds and Harrell created Nu America record label and they were “dear friends.” On Instagram May 9, the producer somberly shared, “I thought I could handle it, but there was no way I could get through this at 100%.”

On Saturday evening, the multiple Grammy award winner bounced back in top form. Dressed in a loose white button-down, backlit by candles and channeling a Quiet Storm deejay, Edmonds told never heard before stories from his time producing the music for the 1995 film.

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