A young Texas woman claims that she is being evicted from her apartment after she blew her rent money on Beyonce concert tickets. 

Houston college student Chyna Johnson, 22, has become a viral Twitter sensation after sharing on the social media site that she was on the verge of being thrown out of her home by her landlord.

The reason? Chyna said that she ‘bought Beyonce tickets with my rent money and now I gotta be out by midnight tomorrow’.

The story seemed to have resonated with other fans of the Halo singer, as Chyna’s emoji-packed tweet was soon being shared by thousands.  

However, some users were quick to accuse Chyna of fibbing for attention, with one writing: ‘Lies. The eviction process is 90 days at minimum . But this tweet is cute.’

But Chyna claims that every word of the story is true, telling BuzzFeed: ‘It is real. I got an eviction letter and everything.’

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