Before she passed away in July 2015 after being in a coma for nearly six months, Bobbi Kristina Brown suffered two miscarriages, according to Nick Gordon, 28. Her ex and the man found legally responsible for her death revealed this while talking with DailyMailTV. This wasn’t the first time that Nick opened up about Bobbi’s miscarriages, as he made similar claims in 2016. During this new interview, Nick also said she “self-harmed,” and he claims Whitney Houston’s daughter attempted to commit suicide on two occasions by “cutting deeply into her wrists.”

“If I had somebody tell me this would be a good thing for y’all to separate I would have tried that,” he tells DailyMailTV. “But I just know it was really just us two. Everybody knew [what was going on]. All these family members, all these family members that love and cared for her…everybody knew what was going on and they did nothing. People saw her struggling and nobody did anything.”

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