Photo courtesy Michael P Coleman

Bobby Brown’s 2016 Memoir: He Had Sex With A Ghost

By Michael P Coleman

I reviewed the book, entitled “Every Little Step,” back in 2016, upon its release. Brown remains the only subject who’s ever stood me up for an interview, which I’d scheduled with his publicist weeks before.

Oh, well. It’s his prerogative.

Brown’s manners notwithstanding, “Every Little Step” is a riveting read. My boy Bobby slept with a ghost, Janet Jackson, Madonna, and a “midget.” Not at the same time, mind you, and I’m still not sure which one of those three paramours was the more surprising to hear about. But with the life Brown detailed in the book, I could believe it.

Read freelance writer MPC’s reflection on Brown’s memoir, and his original review from 2016, published with the Sac Cultural Hub.


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