The actress / singer declares “I Won’t Stop Breathing” in wake of murder of George Floyd

by Michael P Coleman

Four years ago, as OWN’s Greenleaf was closing its phenomenal first season, breakout star Deborah Joy Winans dropped a bomb on us: she said that while growing up, she never wanted to sing.

With a voice like hers — let alone a name like “Winans” — that was a shocker. Her family has been at the forefront of gospel and R & B for the last four decades. Winans’ father is Carvin Winans, one of The Winans quartet’s founding members.

“My dad and mom never wanted to force us into the singing thing,” Winans EXCLUSIVELY told me back in August of 2016. “They wanted us to find our own path. Singing was just never a passion. Since I was a little girl, I felt that acting was what I was called to do.”

While Winans has remained true to that still small voice, I think it’s safe to say that her path has broadened! Between wrapping up Greenleaf’s final season and shooting a film (I’ll fill you in on that later!), Winans has just released her first original music, the inspirational piano ballad “I Won’t Stop Breathing.”

The song was written by Winans’ brother, and speaks to the emotional pain African Americans suffer from police brutality.

According to Winans, “I Won’t Stop Breathing” offers a singular message: never give up.

“The tragedy of George Floyd and our world now brought these lyrics to my mind and heart,” Winans said. “A song that can mean so many things is right for this moment in history. It’s a time of extraordinary sadness, while also being a time of hope for tomorrow!”

Read freelance writer MPC’s full feature on Winans’ new single, “I Won’t Stop Breathing!”

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