By Michael P Coleman

Forget ice ice, baby!  It’s all about the Dole Whip! 

Don’t judge me!  I can justify having two Dole Whips at the California State Fair in one afternoon.

Hell, it was in less than one hour.  In a nutshell, this is what went down: 

I’d heard that the Dole Whip wasn’t to be missed, and I needed something to get me away from the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Corn.  And it was hot that afternoon.  AND how do you NOT try pineapple when you’re considering a DOLE whip, right? 

Well, the pineapple didn’t disappoint.  It was creamy, cold, and delicious.  But the mango called me as I walked away. 

I didn’t get far.  As soon as my cup was empty, I went back for the mango.  I knew you’d be counting on me to give you the scoop. The mango was equally good, and I’ll be going back for the lemon and the strawberry before the fair wraps up this weekend. 

You can find the Dole Whip booth right around the corner to the right from the entrance to the kiddie rides. 

Or just look for a black guy in a Superman baseball cap with a look of TOTAL euphoria on his face. 

The California State Fair runs through July 30.  Get info at


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