The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is looking for donations for its annual Santa Claus Project, which has expanded to not only benefit Kaiser Hospitals, but also the Angel Tree Project, W.E.A.V.E., Love Them Both, and My Sister’s House.

Since 1995, “Santa Mike” of the Santa Claus Project would visit the homes of families with children diagnosed with a terminal illness and families with special needs, as determined by the staff of Kaiser Hospital and the Sheriff Department’s Child Abuse Bureau. Kaiser recognized that Santa’s hospital visits had such a positive impact on the children that it was important for Santa to visit these terminally ill children in their homes. Santa Mike graciously took on the task with the support of the Sheriff’s Department and Kaiser Hospitals, relying on his own resources and donations from the Sheriff’s Department and County employees, local businesses and the Sacramento community.

The Project uses donated funds to purchase gift from local stores and gather toys donated by the Sheriff’s Toy Project. All gifts are wrapped and placed into hand-made stockings by the Sheriff’s Toy Project, which are then delivered to local families.

The Santa Claus Project is currently collecting donations of both items and funds for this year. For more information or to make a donation, contact Deputy Michael Wright at


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