Get your ticket to the gospel legend’s February 21 performance, An Evening Of Thanksgiving, sponsored by Compassion International

By Michael P Coleman

Chapter 3 of the book of Ecclesiastes says there’s a time for everything under heaven.

Few would doubt that this weekend, February 21, it’s going to be CeCe Winansseason. And the 12-time Grammy winner will be spending it — and raising her incomparable voice — in support of children who are in need the world over.

An Evening Of Thanksgiving will air this Sunday and will be sponsored by Compassion International. The exclusive livestream will be available until March 7. Your whole household can enjoy the show / worship service for the price of a single ticket.

Joined by special guests Carrie Underwood, Tauren Wells, and her brother Marvin Winans, CeCe will be bringing her first-ever live-streamed concert into homes as she raises awareness and funds for children facing poverty every day of their young lives.

“It’s about love,” Winans EXCLUSIVELY said of this weekend’s event. “You can sponsor a child for only $38 a month. People might say that they’re having a hard time right now and that they can’t afford that.”

“I’m here to tell them that they can’t afford not to.”

Chatting from her home in Nashville, Winans spoke with the candor and zeal for which she’s known. When you’re in CeCe’s orbit, it’s impossible not to get caught up in her enthusiasm — whether it’s about the love of God or a hungry child on the other side of the world.

“I have been sponsoring children for years, and I just started sponsoring two more,” Winans continued. “You start out on this journey wanting to be a blessing to the children, and you will be.”

“When I saw how people live, all over the world, it just marked my life. It marked my heart,” Winans added. “I look at my grandson, Wyatt, and he doesn’t have to worry about diapers. He doesn’t have to worry about food or clothes — and no child should. By sponsoring a child, you will make a difference in a child being able to eat, having clothes & clean water, and knowing that they’re going to be ok.”

“I want to challenge people to sponsor children who are really hurting. They were already dealing with a level of poverty that most of us have never seen before, but since the pandemic it’s even more extreme.”

Winans hopes to get at least 500 children sponsored by this Sunday.

“When you bless the poor, the word says you’re lending to God, and God will repay you,” Winans said. “What a great position to live in, where God’s got to bless you!

Whether you sponsor a child or purchase a ticket to Winans’ concert, another great position to be in this weekend will be your favorite seat in front of your TV or computer. A VIP pre-concert event will feature Winans with her mother and sisters, Angie and Debbie, gathered around the piano, singing hymns they sang together back in Detroit, years before Winans catapulted to international fame as one of gospel music’s most awarded artists. The sponsorship of a child with Compassion International will secure your virtual spot at the VIP event and the concert.

“We’re going to have an awesome time worshipping God and bringing the love of God into the home,” Winans promised. “People are hurting. People have lost loved ones. I just got off of the phone praying for a couple — the wife just got back from the hospital, dealing with COVID, and the husband just went to the hospital. It’s not over yet. So I’m excited about getting a chance to minister!”

See you this Sunday, CeCe!

For tickets to CeCe Winans’ An Evening Of Thanksgiving or to sponsor a child, go to

Look to The Sac Cultural Hub In the coming weeks for more of our EXCLUSIVE conversation with CeCe Winans. She gave us the scoop on her upcoming, first LIVE album, Believe For It, to be released March 12!

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