Photo via Getty / MGM
Photo via Getty / MGM
Gone with the Wind returns to HBO Max with black scholar providing historixal context |

Gone with the Wind will soon return to HBO Max after the streamer pulled the classic to add “historical context” to some of the outdated and insensitive aspects of the film.

In an op-ed written for CNN, Black film professor Jacqueline Stewart explained her involvement with the new disclaimer and why she thinks it’s important to continue showcasing the movie. HBO did not provide a date for the film’s return.

“HBO Max will bring Gone with The Wind back to its line-up, and when it appears, I will provide an introduction placing the film in its multiple historical contexts,” wrote the University of California professor. “For me, this is an opportunity to think about what classic films can teach us. Right now, people are turning to movies for racial re-education, and the top-selling books on Amazon are about anti-racism and racial inequality. If people are really doing their homework, we may be poised to have our most informed, honest and productive national conversations yet about Black lives on screen and off.”

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