by Michael P. Coleman

The site’s probably familiar to you.  For years, it was Headhunters at 20 & K in Sacramento’s Midtown.  But over the last few years alone, the club and its kitchen have gone through various name changes, owners, and menus.  The latest incarnation is Mango’s Antro, with the food being provided by Burger Town.  They just may have gotten it right this time.

While I stopped by to sample their brunch, in the interest in investigative journalism I could not pass on a burger at a place called Burger Town.  I opted for the buffalo burger and fries, subbing out the onion on the burger for jalepeños and a side of barbecue sauce, while my husband ordered the veggie omelette with potatoes.  And how could one do Sunday morning brunch without bottomless mimosas?

As I was ravenous on that particular morning, I was glad we’d gotten there relatively early and had beat the post-Saturday night bar crowd.  The service was fast and the food was excellent.  The perfectly prepared medium-well burger was enormous, the fries sparingly seasoned with black pepper, the barbecue sauce was homemade, and the veggie omelette was delicious.  Most importantly for a Sunday morning brunch, our server kept the mimosas coming – so much so, we wisely decided to stroll around downtown, walking off our meal before jumping back into the car.

Mango’s Antro bills the place as “The Best Latino Spot In Sacramento”, so I’ll have to check the club out pronto.  Si quiero una hamburguesa deliciosa o una desayuno completo, va a Mango’s Antro.   Look for me on any given Sunday, as it’s a safe bet that those perfect mimosas will come calling sometime again soon.

Mango‘s Antro is located at 1930 K Street in Sacramento.  Find them online at or call 916-444-8450.

Michael P. Coleman is a Sacramento-based freelance writer who‘s almost fluent in English and is also a slowly-recovering burger addict.  Connect with him at or on Twitter: @ColemanMichaelP


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