By Michael P Coleman

I’m beginning to think that LA is as much of a “foodie” town as others with which I’m more familiar.  One of the places that’s leading me to that conclusion is Sweet Butter Kitchen, located in a quaint enclave just outside Hollywood. 

Guests place their orders at a cozy counter before self-selecting a table outside.  (I’m told that a host takes care of that for guests on weekends.).  As I stopped by just between the breakfast and lunch rushes, I found myself torn between some of the exceptional-sounding breakfast fare and the delicious-looking sandwiches and wraps.  As I’d kind of pigged out the day before, I settled on a couple of salads:  Mixed Greens with Fuji Apples and Fried Chicken.

Yes, I realize that there MAY have been salad toppings available that were healthier than fried chicken.  Baby steps.  And I couldn’t resist. 

As I awaited my salads, I found myself second-guessing my relatively virtuous selections as the adjacent table had a stack of flapjacks delivered that made me want to ask them for a taste.  I was soon glad I didn’t, as the salads were more than plentiful and equally delicious. 

Ask for the dressing on the side, as neither of my salads really needed much of it.  (The Fried Chicken salad came with more than enough BBQ sauce AND ranch dressing.) Both were scrumptious assortments of greens, other vegetables, nuts and cheese that will guarantee a second visit.

The desserts looked incredible, but I didn’t have a corner of stomach space left.  Besides, I needed an excuse to stop by again for a little something to go with a late afternoon cup of decaf. 

I will say that as great as the food and dining experience were, Sweet Butter Kitchen really should update their website.  On the day of my mid-October visit, there was a reference on their homepage to summer being “just around the corner” along with a notification about Memorial Day Weekend hours. 

Sweet Butter Kitchen is open daily from 8am to 6pm.  They are located at 13824 Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks, California.  Look for them at or on Twitter:  @sweetbutterla


This review was written by freelance writer Michael P Coleman. Connect with him at or on Twitter: @ColemanMichaelP 

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