Scott Council/Lifetime
Scott Council/Lifetime

When tuning in to Lifetime, you might find something very familiar waiting for you. If you’re wondering if Courage to Soar is based on a true story, then learning the name of its lead character is probably all you need to know for sure. The movie is based on the life of Olympic athlete Simone Biles, and takes its inspiration from her memoir of the same name.

The Simon Biles Story: Courage to Soar stars Jeanté Godlock as Biles and follows the gymnast through the early days of her journey to the Olympics. According to the summary from Lifetime, the movie will show fans what inspired Biles to head down this path in the first place, then detail many of the hardships and successes that defined her story along the way. She’ll have to skip out on typical teen landmarks like going to games or dancing at prom, but with the help of her family she’ll be able to realize her dreams.

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