by Michael P Coleman

New York Times best selling author, Emmy Award-winning television personality and producer, celebrated spiritual teacher, and tell-it-like-it-is life coach Iyanla Vanzant is bringing her no-nonsense approach to northern California this spring.  She’s scheduled to appear at the Bob Hope Theatre in Stockton on May 31, and stops at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland the following night. 

An Evening With Iyanla Vanzant: Acts Of Faith Remix Tour celebrates the updated 25th anniversary edition of the bestseller. 

According to her website, Vanzant “…will lead audiences of all hues through the transformative work that unites the humanity in all of us.  Iyanla gifts her diverse audience with the healing of their hearts, the empowerment of their minds, and the stirring of their souls.”

Sounds like typical, Oprah-endorsed, self-help dronings to me.  And millions have been there for it — present company included. 

“Audiences of all hues.”  “Diverse.”  It also sounds like Vanzant wants to make it clear that white folks can get something out of what she has to say, as well.  Imagine that! 

I’ve not read Vanzant’s Acts Of Faith, but she’s got a comeback story for the ages, so I may give the book a glance this weekend.  And I just may have to catch her live while she’s in town.  I, like most of us, need to DO MY WORK! 

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