(Photo: STXfilms)
(Photo: STXfilms)

As Jennifer Lopez heads into this weekend’s opening of “Hustlers” buoyed by Oscar buzz, she’s sticking by co-star Constance Wu.

The two portray best friends and strippers in “Hustlers,” with Lopez playing mama bear dancer Ramona to Wu’s wide-eyed ingenue Destiny.

But rumors of Wu’s alleged diva-like behavior on the set have made headlines since the film wrapped, and Wu previously faced criticism in May after she tweeted negatively when her ABC show “Fresh Off the Boat” was renewed. (Wu, who is under contract, has since apologized for her reaction, saying she had been bummed to forgo doing a play she was passionate about.) 

Now Lopez is defending her co-star. “I have the most amazing relationship with Constance. She was a doll baby to me on the set and to everybody every time I was on the set,” Lopez tells USA TODAY.

There was no bad behavior, Lopez insists.

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