Photo Courtesy Olivia Sun/The Register
Photo Courtesy Olivia Sun/The Register

Hours after a campaign memo outlined cutting staff and shifting resources to Iowa, Sen. Kamala Harris insisted she remains a “top tier” presidential candidate.

“I fully intend to win,” she told reporters Wednesday night before speaking at a house party here. “It is not going to be easy — I knew that from day one, and I made that very clear from day one.”

Harris faced a wave of questions from reporters about whether her campaign is still viable after a leaked memo from campaign manager Juan Rodriguez showed Harris’ campaign is cutting staff from her headquarters. Rodriguez wrote that, in addition to some job eliminations, he and other key staffers will take pay cuts.

He also announced that the campaign would inject more resources into Iowa before the first-in-the-nation caucus. Staffers from other early primary states like New Hampshire and Nevada will come here. So will employees from California, Harris’ home state.

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