Photo via Billboard
Photo via Billboard

With her new song “Save the Day,” Mariah Carey breaks out the whisper register to tell us to vote and take action. Featuring Lauryn Hill, “Save the Day” is the first single off the legendary diva’s new two-disc compilation album, The Rarities, available now. The song sends a clear message: “​We’re all in this together,” and “it’s up to us.”

“Save the Day’s” new animated video, released October 22, beautifully rhapsodizes on the song’s theme of citizenship—more important than ever in a tumultuous era marked by a global pandemic, political and social uprisings, and a looming presidential election.

Carey partnered with ​PushBlack​, the non-profit media organization that delivers inspiring Black stories, to honor individuals during this transformative moment in the video. Carey is joined by Kerry Washington, PushBlack’s Julian Black, and the agency Maestra’s De’Ara Balenger and Zara Rahim as executive producers. As the animated video goes on, portraits of influential people and essential workers alike come to life.

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