Melinda Pierson of “No Regrets: Black Women Addressing Our Own Health and Wellness” to speak in honor of World AIDS Day taking place on Fri-12/2 at the Guild Theater, 2828 35th Street in Sacramento. Food, entertainment and award ceremonies.  For more info contact Golden Rule Services at (916) 427-4653. Presented by H.E.A.L. Ministry, Golden Rule Services, Harm Reduction Services, and Oak Park Outreach Services.

More about “No Regrets” series … the brainchild of Black Coalition on AIDS (BCA) health educator Melinda Pierson, who also serves as moderator.  The program is intended to help fill the gender gap in health advocacy, especially pertaining to HIV/AIDS, she said. “I strive to make each No Regrets event a supportive and affirmative space for women to establish dialogue on how HIV/AIDS impacts their lives,” said Pierson, who has been working at BCA for four years. BCA began as a group of community individuals who responded to the urgent needs of the African American community that was being devastated by HIV/AIDS. It came together to address the fact that there were no agencies available to provide culturally sensitive services to Blacks affected by HIV/AIDS. The group created a community-based, coalition-building organization to ensure Black people would receive appropriate services and be adequately represented in policy decisions. >>read more


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