Marla Aufmuth/Getty Images
Marla Aufmuth/Getty Images

After two years on the campaign trail and eight hectic years in the White House, Michelle Obama is relaxed and ready to turn the next page.

Speaking to an audience full of welcoming ladies at the 14th annual Pennsylvania Conference for Women in Philadelphia on Tuesday, she confidently told the crowd that she’s enjoying life.

“I don’t know that I’d call myself a workaholic; I like chilling,” Obama said, musing about life post-White House.  “I’m taking time to reflect.” She went on to liken her decade in the political world to “being shot out of a cannon.… there’s really no time to think about feelings.”

But the former First Lady is also charting plans with husband and former President, Barack Obama, to help build future leaders in America and beyond, specifically, women and girls. Despite being admittedly ready to exit the Oval Office, the proud Chicago native also made it clear that there was still much more to come from team Obama.

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