Mitch Albom’s newest story will happen in real time. 

And it doesn’t have to cost you anything to read it.

Albom, the longtime Free Press columnist and New York Times bestselling author, is helping to raise money for Detroit’s coronavirus fight with the serialized story, “Human Touch,” a fictional tale of hope during the pandemic.

“I’m writing the story a week at a time,” Albom said. “So I have no idea how it’s gong to end.”

Albom plans to write “eight to 10” installments, with one chapter released each Friday until the story is complete. The first installment is available at beginning Friday. The story, including the weekly audio version available April 17 on Audible, will be free to the public. But Albom hopes to inspire donations to a SAY Detroit project called, “Detroit Beats COVID-19” to help families fight the virus in his hometown, which has become one of the nation’s hot spots for the outbreak.

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