by Michael P. Coleman

*Beverly Johnson’s name is just about as famous as her face. And what a face! Hers was the first sepia toned one to grace the cover of Vogue Magazine back in 1974. By her own admission, it’s The Face That Changed It All, which is the title of her new, strikingly candid autobiography.

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to sit down with Johnson and talk about the new book. Oh, hell, let me come correct: I’d have sat down and talked with Beverly Johnson about the weather! I have had a crush on her for decades.

Check out this conversation, and then pick up a copy of The Face That Changed It All. Johnson made me promise not to publish any spoilers about her story, but I did sneak a few points in to let you know this book is a saucy read! For example, wait until you read what she has to say about her former boyfriend Mike Tyson — let alone Robin Givens! And of course, I had to ask her about her relationship with tennis legend Arthur Ashe, and her moment with Bill Cosby, to which she devotes an entire chapter of the book.

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