by Michael P Coleman

The eight and a half minutes I spent on the phone with Joel Hodgson, the mastermind behind the cult classic television program Mystery Science Theater 3000, left an indelible impression — most likely on both of us.

You know Mystery Science Theater 3000 — it’s the television show featuring Hodgson’s character, trapped on a satellite orbiting the earth with a few robot buddies. The motley crew is forced to watch some of the cheesiest movies in Tinseltown’s history. They can’t help but comment about the flicks, and fans, by the millions, couldn’t help but laugh hysterically at the films — and the trademark, biting commentary!

Again, I spent a fascinating eight and a half minutes with Hodgson. Life changing. It was among the most riveting conversations I’ve had this decade. But as the decade is only a few weeks old, there’s still hope for me to top that thrill by watching paint dry somewhere.

Read MPC’s full preview and check out his interview with Hodgson from the Feb 2020 issue of the Gallo Center Magazine!

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