written by Lilyann J. Mitchell, Contributing Writer
Sacramento’s professional, multi-talented, award-winning hair stylist and entrepreneur, Tavia Jenkins, proudly announces the GRAND OPENING of her upscale, hair salon in the exciting, thriving downtown area.  This premier, unique “Stylist to the Stars” extends an invitation to the Sacramento community to join her GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION during SUPERBOWL weekend – Friday, February 5, from 12 Noon to 8:00 p.m. and Saturday, February 6, 2016, from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. with appetizers and wine.
The beautiful salon is located at 1007 – 12th Street (near J Street close to the new Sacramento Golden One Arena).  Featuring a broad range of services, the salon includes three dynamic, creative stylists, an esthetician and a make-up artist.  Tavia, a 20-year professional, key hair stylist, has relocated her salon, “Double Take Hair Gallery,” to its new location. In addition to hairstyles, the shop will include eyebrow waxing and threading, eyebrow tinting, make-up and other amenities. CLICK HERE for more info about the special grand opening event.
This dynamic entrepreneur is offering her own line of raw virgin hair and extensions through her company, “Top Tier,” co-owned with her long time best friend, Jennifer Powers.  The Double Take Staff is also excited about plans to host educational classes and specialty parties such as: “Best Friends Beauty Bash,” or “Glow-to-Go,” make-up sessions, and “Client Mix and Mingle” affairs, and other uniquely planned events, suitable as requested.
Through a collective effort both cosmetologists Tavia Jenkins & Derrick Dennis along with the Double Take team and some of the clients who would like to remain anonymous have formed the “Unexpected Angels Network”.  With presenting unexpected surprises for clients who are going through something (for example finances, career changes, and depression), the Unexpected Angels Network has been able to offer food, resources, spiritual counsel, surprise gifts of hair products and basically feed into the emotional needs of individuals.  The Unexpected Angels Network has allowed for an amazing experience for clients and stylists giving chills for everyone involved and has been very contagious.  Tavia stated, “One of the number one needs is to feel appreciated and loved;  and that’s what we try to do here is make people feel good on the inside and out! “
This fantastic hair stylist, entrepreneur, writer, entertainer, producer, educator and director, is known as a “Master Stylist” who has owned her shop since age 21. She began styling hair at age 14 in her mother’s kitchen.  “Tav” earned her nickname “Magic” by combining her natural talent as a hair designer with her unparalleled ability to apply her unique, soothing and magical fingers with just the right touch to suit each client. 
Tavia is very proud of her professional training and honor graduation from the notable Osbourne Professional Beauty College in Atlanta, Georgia, complimented by Awards of Outstanding Performance & Achievements.  Following months of experience In Atlanta, She returned to Sacramento as a dazzling stylist, building her present devoted clientele. Among her many accolades and accomplishments, Tavia considers the distinct privilege of being asked to wash and style the very beautiful, long hair of the “Mother of the Civil Rights Movement,” Mrs. Rosa Louise Parks.  She was requested by Mrs. Parks while an honor graduating student at Osbourne College in Atlanta.  
Tavia has always felt this was a very special honor to have performed this service prior to Mrs. Parks’ appearance at a function to honor her years ago.  Although highly revered by her Sacramento area clientele, Tavia is also known as a “Stylist to the Stars.”  She frequents Los Angeles to service her Southern California clients – and likewise some clients venture to Sacramento for her services.  Tavia is often requested to appear at their star-filled parties and events.
Double Take multi award-winning stylist, Derrick Dennis and Tavia are affectionately referred to as the “Dynamic Duo,” sharing a close-knit friendship, spanning over 18 years.  Derrick has honed his superb, unique craft alongside Tavia at the shop the past 12 years.  The duo compliment, encourage and uplift each other daily as they create and bedazzle their clients with novice hairstyles. Derrick’s numerous outstanding awards, trophies and top credentials include having worked as an Educator for Mizani and L’Oreal.  Currently, he’s a Platform Artist and Educator for the hair company, Basic.
Both stylists, the “Dynamic Duo,” have a close personal connection with their clients, causing   others to pause to “Double Take” their hairstyles and confident attitudes as they pass. Tavia and Derrick show love, offer counsel, prayers, listen and sing a unique song to every client respectively. The “Duo” considers themselves tremendously blessed with an abundant loyal, loving clientele. 
Upcoming Double Take starlet, Cherrone Carter, is a super plus addition to the unique, talented, close-knit staff.  This young professional newcomer proudly boasts hands-on finishing touches   from both “Masters of the Craft,” Tavia and Derrick, perfecting her “excellent technique & style.”
Significantly, a few of Tavia’s Outstanding Performance Awards and various accolades include: The Sac Hub Choice Award, “Hair Stylist of the Year 2007,” in Sacramento; a Hair Wars USA Trophy, and a Hair Grammy for “Outstanding Stylist” in L os Angeles.  She has produced and promoted her film docudrama, “How We Livin’ in Hair,” a reality DVD, including numerous nationally-known salons.
Tavia was born in Highland Park, Michigan, but spent her early childhood in San Jose, CA. Her family later moved to Los Angeles, but finally located to Sacramento, where she graduated from John F. Kennedy High School.  Known for having a beautiful personality, Tavia is best described as soft-spoken, yet stern-voiced at times, sultry, sunshine, loyal, supportive and determined – yet summarized as versatile, dynamic, loyal, sincere and lovable, with a winning smile and hearty laugh.
This gifted personality is widely known for her humanitarian work, volunteer services and financial contributions to various youths and adults and needy programs and agencies. This family-oriented artist attributes her parents, Edward and Claudia Jenkins, for boosting her confidence and encouraging her to succeed and excel in all endeavors. Especially, Tavia expresses tremendous love and devotion to her daughters, Toshiar and Taja, whom she says “inspire me to reach for the top and continue to excel.” Tavia is also very thankful and proud of her grandmother, Lilyann J. Mitchell, a professional writer and PR Specialist, who played a very important role in her life. She treasures the summers she spent with her in Los Angeles, attending the Marla Gibbs School of Performing Arts, showcasing her original rap & drama in the Grand Finale Showcase.
Tavia is proud of her younger sister Eleatrice “Sara” a professional model, teacher, and mother of Saray, Tavia’s precious niece.  She terms their bond “indescribable.”  Last, but not least, Tavia always remembers other family members, aunts, uncles, sisters, cousins and friends, for their love and support.
In her own words, Tavia concludes: “I endeavor to let my light shine upon people in every place, and I stand determined to share my love and talents with others, to help someone else, to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate or needing guidance.  I want to always remain close to God first, and my family, friends and the community.  I strive to become an even better person, never forgetting who I am or where I came from. I like to live by three words:  Be, Doing, and Have.  Be committed!  Do whatever it takes!  And, Have what you want!”
You can find Tavia and the Double Take Hair Gallery on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/tavia.jenkins.31 and https://www.facebook.com/Double-Take-Hair-Gallery-124602267594666


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