Mental illness is no laughing matter — just ask Nicki Minaj. The 33-year-old rapper is being raked over the coals after posting a video on Instagram that showcases an incident between herself and a woman deemed to be mentally ill. The video begins with the woman standing on a sidewalk in Miami’s South Beach, a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other. She’s clearly watching Minaj as Minaj films her … and she isn’t happy about it.

The woman shouts at Minaj to “go away” and starts to walk off, prompting the star to ask, “What did I do?” Minaj then tells the woman she looks “nice” and asks, “Can we talk?” By that point, the woman has wandered pretty far down the street and Minaj begins talking to a man who is closer who tells her that he’s a fan. Within about 24 hours, the video was viewed nearly 2 million times, and plenty of people weren’t thrilled with what they’d seen — especially those who claimed to be Miami residents and affirmed that the woman featured in the clip was, in fact, mentally ill.

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