(Photo: Hopper Stone, SMPSP)
(Photo: Hopper Stone, SMPSP)

Octavia Spencer seemed to come out of nowhere to dominate the Oscar race in 2012 and win the supporting actress prize for her role in The Help.

Four years later, Spencer is back in the Oscar race with her supporting nomination for Hidden Figures. She’s enjoying the return trip to the big ball and the idea that she is still silencing the doubters.

“I’ve been invited back to the party. For those who said one-and-done, or one-hit wonder, they are going to rethink that,” Spencer told USA TODAY on Tuesday morning over the telephone. “And I’m told that this the first time an African-American (woman) winner has come back for another nomination. Which I didn’t know. I’m reeling from that and all of this. I’m blown away.”

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