The year is 2019. A known criminal who has seen their day in court is thrust in the midst of a societal backlash on if their punishment is fair and just. There are some who say the guilt and tarnished legacy is enough, whereas others believe that there should be a harsher sentence for what this person did. I’m of course speaking about former Ohio cheerleader, Brooke Skylar Richardson who is alleged to have given birth to a baby, buried it in her backyard, and later set it on fire all so her reputation wouldn’t be ruined. She is found not guilty on the sentences of murder and manslaughter. Her reputation remains intact for those who care. She’ll probably be able to move on, find a decent job, a nice husband. After all, she’s only 20, we wouldn’t want her whole life ruined over one drawn out constant series of mistakes. She’s still young and figuring it out.

We’ve seen it time and time again. Asia Argento claiming she didn’t sleep with an underaged boy despite photo evidence. Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof being given Burger King by the police officers following his mass murder. Amber Guyver, Paula Poundstone, Laura Bush, Daniel Pantaleo, Woody Allen- the list goes on and on. White America has no problem with leniency to Caucasians for crimes, be they alleged or true. So why does they same level of “aww, gee” compassion not extend to Black men?

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