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Just when you thought Colin Kaepernick’s NFL career was history, in more ways than one, came this blast of hope Tuesday that the exiled quarterback might play again.

Or better yet, maybe Kaepernick will even dare to take a knee again during the national anthem.

It was never about football. Third-graders will tell you that, just like some die-hard fans whose injury-ravaged team had to call some quarterback off the couch or out of the high school gym to suit up.

I suspect this Saturday’s all-NFL-comers-welcomed workout in Atlanta was arranged by Roger & Co. to prove to the public that Kaepernick, the quarterback with a Super Bowl appearance and collusion settlement on his resume, wasn’t blackballed after all.

What, was this a Jay-Z-influenced, “We’ve moved beyond the kneeling” social justice initiative?

Either way, hopefully this is a signal that NFL decision-makers have moved beyond the kneeling as a reason for shutting Kaepernick out of the league.

This is an unprecedented move for the NFL to set up a showcase for one player.

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