Photo Courtesy Apple TV+
Photo Courtesy Apple TV+

On Tuesday, Oprah premiered a special edition of her new Apple TV+ show, Oprah Talks COVID-19, which highlighted the coronavirus’ disproportionate affect on Black communities across America.

According to the Washington Post, the virus in infected communities has “three times the rate of infections and nearly six times the rate of deaths as majority white counties.” In the special, Oprah took a moment to reflect on why this issue is of both personal and national concern—and why it deserves to be highlighted.

“Nowhere has it had a more deadly impact than in African American communities in America,” she said. “Places that are dear to my heart, cities that I called home, that were my home. Like Milwaukee, where I grew up on welfare in my younger years with my mother. And Chicago, where of course I built my career. The number of deaths, it is just staggering…so I wanted to talk to doctors, and leaders, and journalists, and families who are facing this crisis head on. Many are having to bury their dead alone.”

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