by Michael P Coleman

Peets InteriorOK, I’ll confess it right up front:  I LOVE my Peet’s Coffee!  Their delicious Mayan Mocha from a few years ago drew me in, and I’ve been singing their praises ever since.  Their brews are exceptional and their pastries are decadent (the vegan oatmeal raisin cookie and the seasonal hummingbird bread are my favorites). 

I’ve often been bummed when I am spending time at Arden Mall in Sacramento and have had to settle for…ahem, another coffee shop, as there hasn’t been one drop of Peet’s to be found there. That’s been corrected! 

The new Peet’s at Market Square features a spacious floor plan with plenty of comfy seats, hardwood floors, lots of natural light, a covered patio, and lots of places to charge up your mobile devices.  My favorite Peet’s has been the one on Fair Oaks in Sacramento (shoutout to Josh, Jacob, and Shasta!), but their dining room is small so when I have to get work done, I’ve been jetting down to Elk Grove.  For those of us in Sacramento, there no need for THAT trek anymore! 

Stop by the new Peet’s Market Square and check it out.  And if you want some of that hummingbird bread, get over there quickly as it disappears for the year sometime in May! 

The new Peet’s Coffee Market Square is at 1749 Arden Way (between Barnes & Noble and Best Buy).  They can be reached at 916-641-3359.  Info’s at

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Michael P ColemanMichael P Coleman is a Sacramento-based freelancer.  Connect with him at or on Twitter:@ColemanMichaelP 


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