Yesterday the Rancho Cordova Police Department, in partnership with the Folsom Cordova Unified School District and Rancho Cordova McDonald’s, will be implementing a Bicycle Safe/Back to School outreach initiative by issuing positive reinforcement citations to children under 12 who bicycle safe.

Officers who find children under 12 wearing bicycle helmet and following the rules of the road will be issued “safety citations” for free ice cream cones from Rancho Cordova McDonald’s restaurants.

Officers who find kids under 12 not wearing helmets may receive a “safety citation” proving the child the opportunity to receive one free bike helmet from the Cordova Lane Center, 2460 Cordova Lane.

The program in be in effect until November 2, 2013, with the objective of reinforcing the importance of bicycle safety, wearing a bike helmet, and following the rules of the road, while also interacting with police officers in their community on a positive level.

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