(Photo: Leslie Smith Jr., USA TODAY)
(Photo: Leslie Smith Jr., USA TODAY)

For everyone who has been yawning since March 13, prepare to enjoy that lost hour of sleep when daylight saving time ends Sunday and standard time returns.

Why can’t we just keep our clocks unchanged? Why do we go through this time warp twice a year?

Some say it’s Benjamin Franklin’s fault. Some blame farmers, or golfers who felt ripped off when their golf games ended at dusk. Others say it was a way to save energy, which back then meant candles and coal.

If you want to point fingers, perhaps Culprit No. 1 would be the Earth’s axis, because if the planet wasn’t tilted, hours of daylight wouldn’t change so much.

“There’s always been controversy about the extent to which it accomplishes its goals,” said Dan Phaneuf, a professor of agriculture and applied economics at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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