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Sacramento City Council: Protect employees and patrons from secondhand smoke in outdoor restaurant and bar patios.
As a result of the recent declarations by both the California Air Resources Board and the US Surgeon General’s Report on Secondhand smoke declaring it a toxic air contaminant with no safe level of exposure, a strong ordinance is needed in the City of Sacramento to protect employees and patrons from the smoke in outdoor patios of restaurants and bars.
Researchers from Stanford University have concluded that a nonsmoker can be exposed to substantial levels of contaminated air outdoors when within 20 feet of a smoker. Secondhand smoke is responsible for 46,000 heart disease deaths annually, in addition to causing asthma in children and lung and breast cancer in nonsmokers.
There are at least 69 cities or counties in California that restrict smoking in all outdoor dining areas and bar patios, including cities as diverse as San Jose, Huntington Park, Pasadena and Beverly Hills.
With all the improvements coming to our city, it is perfect timing that Sacramento is considering smoke-free outdoor dining and the community is ready and supportive. Not only would an ordinance create a healthier eating environment for all patrons, it would provide protection from exposure to secondhand smoke for all employees.
It’s time that Sacramento is a “Fresh Air Dining” destination!


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