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Araven Holistic Mind Institute (ARAVEN) is seeking sponsors and donors for its upcoming Gospel Explosion Concert on August 24, 2013, which aims to educate the audience about mental illness and learning disabilities.

The “edu-tainment” event will be produced by ARAVEN’s Teens United (TU), Teens for Teens by Teens program, with the intent of increasing awareness of the challenges of the under-served minority and poor adults and teens suffering from mental illnesses and learning disabilities.

According to ARAVEN, these afflictions are especially high in African-American and other generally poor communities. Massive drug abuse, incarcerations, alarming school drop-out rates and chronic instances of domestic violence are a few of the dire consequences associated with these afflictions.

For more information, contact Dianne Ross, RN, ARAVEN founder, CEO and life coach, at 916-549-1017 or

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