Photo by Johnathon Kelso for the New York Times
Photo by Johnathon Kelso for the New York Times

As she celebrated winning the US election alongside Joe Biden, the first black and Asian American woman to be vice-president-elect made sure to recognise a particular group for her campaign’s success: minority women.

Senator Harris acknowledged that minority women – especially black women – are “too often, overlooked but so often prove that they are the backbone of our democracy”.

At their home just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, members of the Hunt family cried while watching Ms. Harris’ speech.

“Georgia is blue right now, which is life changing for the state and the residents, especially black residents who live here,” said 27-year-old Kristin Hunt.

“That is due to Stacey Abrams and a lot of black women who are on the ground and grassroots organisations registering people to vote and proving why our vote matters.”

Joe Biden’s path to the White House has hinged on crucial support from African Americans. Black voters delivered Biden’s primary victory in South Carolina, which gave him momentum to earn the party’s nomination.

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