Photo by Monkey Business Images via Getty Images
Photo by Monkey Business Images via Getty Images

You might be hoping to say goodbye to this difficult year with some holiday festivities and the hope of a more optimistic 2021, but we can’t forget that there are still problems that need solving and difficult work to be done for a more equitable society.

The Black Lives Matter movement was front and center during most of the summer and fall. During that time period you might have found ways to support the Black community in your neighborhood, whether it was educating yourself and others by reading books about anti-racism and activism, donating to causes that support BIPOC or by supporting Black-owned businesses.

Of course, supporting Black-owned brands and businesses isn’t just a one-time thing. It’s something you should make an effort to do all the time.

This holiday season, continue supporting Black-owned businesses while checking off a few to-do’s from your holiday shopping list. After all, where you choose to spend your money can make a powerful statement, and perhaps you’ll inspire the recipient of your gift to do the same.

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